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Printing. Reprographics. Photo and Film Technology


Type of the Base: Numeric. Content: A name, kind of an enterprise, region of its location, address data, kind of property; technological processes; a kind of manufactured products. Number of the Records: 3 ths. rec.. Volume of the Base: 2.4Mb. Read access: OFF. OS: MS DOS. Owner: NITS "INFORMPECHAT" RKP. Country: Russia. Address: 119034, Moscow, Ostozhenka, 4. Phone: (095)202-85-78 , (095)202-55-18. Fax: (095)965-02-92.

Publishing and printing

Type of the Base: Abstract. Content: Contains citations with abstracts to the worldwide literature published in 100 countries in 60 languages on various aspects of publishing and printing. The database consists of annual data sets. Subject segments correspond to the respective VINITI RZh abstract publication.. Language: Russian. Number of the Records: [35,000]. Volume of the Base: 3,500SO-RU=. Net address:, [email protected] Owner: All-Russia Institute for Scientific and Technical Information. Country: Russia. Address: 20, Usievicha St., Moscow, 125219, Russia. Phone: +7-095-1526113. Fax: +7-095-9430060. E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
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