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Partnership in Russia: Scientific Institutions

Status An Inter-Governmental non-profit organization, operating on principles of self-sustainability. Intergovernmental Agreement - February, 27, 1969. On June 23, 1971 ICSTI was registered with the United Nations.
Management Supervision by the Committee of Plenipotentiary Representatives (CPR)-(one country - one vote). The CPR has regular annual meetings. Financial activities are under control of the Auditing Commission, comprising delegates from member states. Director appointed by the CPR upon recommendation from the country of ICSTI location. The Deputy Director is a national from one of ICSTI member states.
Privileges Tax exempts. Diplomatic immunity
Staff About 300 employees, including 45 professionals from countries other than Russia.

Information services

Finding new information sources from Russia is complete, fast and not expensive with the help of ICSTI information services. We will carefully pick out published scientific and technical information and grey literature related to your thematic coverage.

  • We offer three options for our customers in any country of the world.
    ICSTI can get journals, books, conference proceedings and grey literature ( reports and dissertations ) and deliver them to the customer faster and at a considerably chipper price than any western subscription agency.
  • ICSTI can process partly or completely any set of literature in Moscow and transmit records in English directly to the customer computer via world telecommunication network. We guaranty to meet our customer timeliness, format specification and quality standard
  • ICSTI can guaranty to save customer time and money delivering literature much more earlier than any subscription agency or transmit records these will not required further reprocess or tiring quality control

The following services are available:

  • Publishing of international journals, catalogues, directories, surveys etc.
  • Analytical studies on various subjects in science, technology and economy.
  • Development and application of information technologies- applied software, "turn-key" computerized systems, data base generation and support technologies, information input technologies based on scanners and image recognition,
  • Preparation and staging of international conferences, seminars and training courses on information services, software and information technologies.
  • Management and supervision of international co-operation projects.

We invite you to get acquainted with the constantly being renewed data bases in the sphere of economy, industry, science and education, culture and social life of Russia.

Contact us any time via e-mail: [email protected] or fax: (095) 943 0089
Please visit the ICSTI Web Server in Moscow, Russia.


The status of ICSTI member countries is granted to a country, which signed the Intergovernmental Agreement. Member countries represent their interests in ICSTI governing and controlling bodies. Experts, delegated by the member countries to work in ICSTI, enjoy the rights and privileges of diplomatic personnel.

Partners engaged in long-term projects with ICSTI can be provided with a status of an associated partner. This status allows companies to send their staff to ICSTI to carry out joint projects, to represent their interests in ICSTI governing bodies as observers and to make use of all information, organizational and technical facilities available in ICSTI.

ICSTI associated partners

More than 30 companies from Europe, Asia and America have the status of ICSTI associated partners. Forms of co-operation:

  • joint development of information products, 
  • joint projects in telecommunications, software and services,
  • ICSTI assistance in trade and agency contracts, 
  • ICSTI assistance in studies of and penetration into the local market, 
  • representation of the company's interests in particular projects and/or regions.
  • Co-operation with international agencies. 
  • Co-operation with the following international organizations: UNESCO, UNIDO, UNEP, IAEA, FAO, ISO, FID, OECD, EEC etc.
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