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For different word endings use the truncation symbol  $. For instance, enter INFORM$ to search for words   INFORM, INFORMATION, INFORMATIVE, etc. For combining search words  logical (OR, AND, NOT) and positional (SAME, ADJ) operators are used. For more information see "Combining search words".

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By the search words, entered in this box the search is carried out in all fields of document descriptions.

All spaces and punctuation marks between particles, surnames and names  (or the initials), should be replaced by the dash symbol "-", for example: Ivanov-A-A , Van-der-Klink-J-J. Use the truncation symbol $ to find variations of the name, for example; Ivanov$

When entering abbreviated original journal titles all spaces should be replaced by the dash symbol "-" , e.g.: FID-News-Bull
Indices of  IPC (International Patent Classification) should be entered without spaces, e.g.: S10G25/00
Groups of digits in ISSN and ISBN indices should be joined with dash "-". For more information see "Special instructions for entering search words".

The indices of the State Rubricator of Scientific and Technical information  of Russia and indices of  VINITI Rubricator should be put in apostrophes, e.g.: '341.'. For truncation use the symbol $, e.g.: '341.49$'.
For entering search words Latin and Cyrillic letters in uppercase/lowercase  and digits are used.
Subscripts and superscripts are entered, accordingly, in square and in curly brackets (e.g.:Í2 as Í[2], C13 as C{13}).

Language, Year and Document type
Language, Year and Document type can not be directly searched, they are used only for limiting search results.

Document types

01 - Article in serial publication

08 - Deposited manuscript or collection

02 - Particular output offlog

09 - Patent

03 - Article in deposited collected paper

10 - Standard

04 - Article in book or in collected paper

11 - Dissertation

06 - Book, collected paper

14 - Cartographic publication (map, atlas)

07 - Prospect

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